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  • 10:09:37 pm on July 2, 2012 | 0

    If I were to ask you to find some time this week to take off from all your plans and lists of things to do, what would you say; how would you feel?
    Think of living your life as painting a picture. If you always stay close (within your arm’s length) and focused on painting the picture without ‘putting your brush down’ every so often and steeping back for a wider perspective, you may miss some opportunities to see where you need to add colors, put elements in proportion and/or find a different angle, an alternate point of view.
    It is very important, for each one of us, to step a way from your picture, come out of your routine, to re-charge your mind and spirit.
    If you want to see things more clearly, with an opened mind, you must step a way.
    I’m here when you need me.
    Certified Mind Coach @ alifetolive.net
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