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  • 10:31:28 pm on September 25, 2012 | 0

     Well,  you wouldn’t know by the hot weather we’re having,  but Fall is here!!  

    I hope you had a wonderful summer.

    You may look at Fall as the end of the summer and that doesn’t sound like fun.  Cold weather and shorter days are coming…

    But,  how about seeing Fall as a time to shed old things and make room for something new.


    You, like a tree, can use this time to let things go.  Drop some ‘leaves’ from your mind and life,  so you can create room for new growth.

    Grow your self-esteem, nurture your relationships,  your career,  your passion – you name it. 

    Look at Fall as a gift that you don’t want to ignor.
    As you will spend less time outdoors – why not use it to  re-focus on yourself,  your life,  YOU!


    If you know where you are going next, go for it!  

    If not, I’m here for you.


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