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    I see the mind as a Toolbox. Some of the tools contained in this box are:


    Habits – behaviors we practice routinely and/or ritually


    Words – first formed as thoughts and then spoken aloud


    Actions – those we take proactively and those that are reactions to situations 


    Morals – beliefs about what is right or wrong


    Values – what we want or don’t want in our lives


    Ambition – what we allow ourselves to achieve


    We have used these tools all our lives.

    The moment we become aware of our tools, we get to know what they look like, how and to what degree we use them and what kinds of new tools we want to create/discover. By using our tools, we can get results that will create better lives for ourselves.


    Another way I see our minds is as the most useful Muscle in our bodies.


    Like other muscles, we need to exercise it every day to increase its strength, endurance and general health.


    Think of what happens to the muscles of your body when you take them to the gym or engage them in sports and other athletic endeavors; that is what we need to do with our mind muscles.


    We need to learn how to control our mind muscles by choosing how much ‘weight’ (amount of input) to put on them, what kind of workout (what to think & how to say) and what/when to feed them (coaching/ quality/frequency of input.)


    The moment we understand our mind muscles, we can start controlling the mind instead of the mind controlling us. Then, our lives become manageable and self-fulfilling. 



    Get answers!

    Whether it’s tools, muscles or any other mind metaphor that works for you, ask yourself these questions:


    – Am I aware of my mind and how I am using it?


    – Do I like the results I am getting by using my mind the way I currently do?


    – Do I want to create a better life for myself?


    – Am I willing to start coaching my mind? 

    Free advice is avialble!
    Contact me to chat.


    To Your New Mindset!



    Certified Mind Coach


    http://www.Alifetolive.net         shirley@alifetolive.net       310-691-6080



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