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  • 09:25:17 pm on June 25, 2013 | 0

    I believe that we always have a choice!!

    Do you?


    We are choosing all our lives. What we want to eat, who we want to see, what we are going to wear, etc. We choose a lot, every day. But we also hear ourselves and other people say, “I have no choice in this case; I can not choose”.

    If we are being honest with ourselves, we “can not choose” when we don’t want to deal with the consequences of our actions, when we don’t trust ourselves, when we are afraid.


    As I keep pointing out, we need to stop been afraid. And we can! We need to always remember that when we don’t choose, we are not moving; we are not making a change in our lives. True, when you choose, you possibly won’t like the results, but you can learn from your actions and make new choices until you get the change you are asking for.


    Choices should be made every day, a few times a day. You should be able to leave your comfort zone and choose in a new way, in a brave way. We already agreed that we can all choose what we wear, eat, watch on TV, etc. But how about choosing how you feel. What you should say and should not say. What you think and how you behave. What you want to do with your life!!


    Choosing well takes practice, it’s a muscle we need to be aware of to make it strong. We do that by choosing differently. I promise you that the moment you choose without fear, you’ll have better choices to choose from and that’s how you’ll grow and change your life.


    Get answers!

    – Think of one instance in your life where you have a dilemma, where you tell yourself you don’t have a choice.

    – Make a list of losses and benefits if you choose.

    – Decide on an action to choose to make a change in that matter.


    – ACT! Don’t be afraid.


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