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    Some of you asked me to send this article of mine again, to give you another push before the year ends…

    It is vital to take action in life rather than just daydreaming!


    Our desires act as fuel, propelling us toward new horizons. Without something to strive for, we stagnate and become stuck in ruts of our own making because we are unsure of what to do next. Our specific plans are the dreams that we are willing to work for.


    When we set clear plans, we take responsibility for our lives and choose to wholeheartedly devote ourselves to our aspirations. Even if we only take the smallest steps toward achieving our ambitions, it is vital that we actively pursue what we planed for us, rather than just daydreaming about them. 


    Having specific plans makes us feel good because it adds a sense of purpose and direction to our lives.


    Your plans must be conceivable, tangible, and measurable. If you cannot visualize your plans in great detail or believe that you can realize them, you may find it difficult to commit to take action, take the necessary steps to achieve them. Make sure that your plans have the potential to be emotionally satisfying.


    Get Going!

    – You want to write your plans down. Putting them into words can keep your intention fresh in your mind and remind you of your purpose. 
    – As you make progress, give yourself a reward each time you take a step forward so that you have the incentive to keep going.
    – If you find yourself stuck in a rut, examine ways in which you can revise your strategy so that your plan can work.


    – ACT! Don’t be afraid.


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    To Your New Mindset!

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