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    You’ve been getting my e-mails/articles every Saturday for a while now. I’m receiving lots of meaningful feedback from people who take self-empowered action and it’s always gratifying for me to know that. 

    That is why I’m sending you this direct personal email, asking you if I can help you.  

    There are two ways to use my services:

    One-on-one Mind Coaching sessions – for individuals/Couples/Families: 

    We are not going to look at your past to find out why and who made you become who you are, that’s already a fact. We are going to look at your mindset, which is your toolbox, to find out what you want to keep and what you want to throw away.

    I focus on the daily results in your life.

    I care about you changing your mindset – changing your life! 

     I invite you to experience my introductory Mind Coaching session – $60 for 90 min. 

    My MindSet Workshops – for companies: 

    If you have a budget or are planning one for

    a Team-Building Workshop at your company, that would be an investment in your people with a significanr return.

    My MindSet Workshops are very fun, exciting and engaging. They develop trust, cohesion and a true sense of teamwork. They provide skills and tools on how to use the mind more efficiently, more productive, to be able to create stronger results at work and life.   Click here for more info:      


    If my services are not for you please share some referrals with me. Thank you for that.

     Happy Holidays!

    Mind Coach Shirley


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