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    As any new friend that comes into your life, you want to know as much as possible about them before you put your trust in them

    Same with your MIND.

    It’s not enough for me to ask you, all the time, to be your mind’s best friend, to use your mind better, to change your mind to be able to change your life, etc.  You do need to know as much as possible about your mind before you trust it. 

    So there are some facts about your new friend, your mind:

    You carry it EVERYWHERE you go!

    Your mind muscles are the most powerful muscles in your body; without these muscles you can’t function.  So you want to stop taking YOUR MIND for granted! 

    We all use our minds the same ways;

    We all have a bundle of conversations that become stories in our mind.

    We all feel something in regard to these conversations.

    We all take or not take actions that follow these feelings, that follow these conversations and at the end, we always create results. Some results we like; some we don’t. 

    The only difference between us is the level of our awareness to how much our conversations affect our results; and it happens every 30 seconds.  

    Your mind is controlling you:

    Maintaining your habits, making you use old conversations that do not server you anymore, keeping you in a comfort zone and making you walk, talk and think on ‘auto-pilot’.

    So you want to start controlling it. 

    Your mind is like a memory stick: 

    Knowing that you have only one tape that has limited space in it, you also know that after some time, this tape will be full and there will be no room for new voices and conversations.

    So you have two options: one, is to keep using the tape as it is and the second option is to delete the parts that you don’t want to hear anymore, that no longer serve you, and record new ones. 

    I think you know enough about your new friend to get you started using your mind more efficiently, and right away to start

    Change Your MindSet – Change Your Life

    Don’t wait for the right moment to come; choose this moment to be now!

    30 min FREE Get-Acquainted call is available!  Use it…


    Happy Holidays!

    Mind Coach Shirley





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