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    The Importance of Being Consistent

     Few will argue the importance of being consistent. Whether at work, raising children, playing sports or even cleaning the house, consistency always guarantees results. But being consistent is more than doing–it’s also thinking! A consistent mindset equals better results, and more specific results at that.

    Training the Mind

    Consistency goes arm in arm with dedication, so in order to train the mind to be consistent, we must remain very dedicated! Whether training the mind to eschew negative thinking, focus on a project for a solid hour or two, or react in a way different than what we’re used to, dedication is key. With a little time and patience, you won’t have to train your mind to be consistent anymore, as it will become a “knee-jerk” reaction! This not only makes it easier to get the results you crave, whatever they might be, but also allows you to feel more “even.”

    Feeling “Even”

    To say a person is “even” most or all of the time means they consistently react to situations without becoming overly upset, angry, fearful, hyper, etc. They’ve trained their minds to stay calm when faced with any situation, no matter how adverse, and can deal with a problem or challenge without losing focus or allowing emotions to overtake them. A calm mind is a mind free of irritation and harmful internal conversations. The even, consistent person dismisses negative thoughts and feelings as delusions, as they have trained themselves to do so.

    Enjoying Success

    A consistent mind allows for more success, whatever form it comes in. Success at work, success as a parent, success in assorted activities–the consistent mind works for results, and expects results. The ability to remain consistent in all things easily lends itself to success, as it’s hard to focus and enjoy success when the mind is constantly irritated!


    Learning to remain consistent in terms of our thoughts and reactions is a process that takes time–how much time simply depends on the individual. Yet the “training” is also a great exercise in regards to controlling the mind, rather than allowing the mind to control us. People often forget that we are in charge of our minds, and can will it any which way we choose! The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can enjoy mind consistency.

    For more on training the mind for consistency, please contact me today at A Life to Live.


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