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    Use Your Mind to Create Your Life

    Do you control your mind, or does your mind control you? Many unfortunately lack the skills to “control their minds,” resulting in a life of fear, wanting and dissatisfaction. Its essential to remember that WE control our minds, not the other way around, so rather than letting life create us, we need to take hold of our minds and use it to create our lives.

    Insomnia: The Perfect Example

    The inability to go to or stay asleep is a perfect example of the mind controlling the person rather than the opposite. “Millions” of things stream through our brains as we’re attempting to go to sleep, and failing to control these thoughts is one of the best ways to stay up for hours when you should be sleeping peacefully. Focusing on breathing, counting sheep or whatever other one thing helps you slip into slumber is an example of mind control–we are the boss of our minds, after all! Those who can focus and subsequently fall asleep are people who practice mindfulness and control. Those who cannot focus and go to sleep at a proper hour need to learn from mindful friends and family!

    Creating Our Perfect Lives

    Who says we can’t create perfect lives for ourselves? “Perfect” is a term relative to each person, and controlling our minds to change our lives isn’t as far-fetched a concept as you might think. When we control our minds and therefore our thoughts, we can replace disparaging thoughts with positive ones. The job interview process is another great example–the more you talk yourself down and feel poorly about your chances, the more likely hiring managers are to pick up on these feelings. Conversely, the more you think about how smart you are, how your chances are just as good as anyone else’s, and how great you’d be in the position–managers pick up on these good vibes too!

    One of the laws of attraction is like attracting like, so the more you focus on changing your mindset to benefit you, the more likely people will be drawn to you, both personally and professionally.

    Control your mind and go after what you want–don’t let “it” (the mind) tell you otherwise! You are the center of your universe, and as such it’s important to be mindful of your thoughts at all times. To do so could easily change your life for the better!

    To learn more about changing your mind and therefore your life, please contact me at A Life to Live today. I look forward to speaking with you!


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