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  • 10:40:36 am on January 12, 2015 | 0

    Choosing Vs. Escaping

    In life, there’s a time to choose, and a time to escape. Time to choose a career, friends, a partner, place to live, and time to escape from daily stress and to-do lists, whether on a private island or in your own bathtub. However, there’s also times when we make “bad” choices, or escape from duties and responsibilities that are ours alone. The trick, which arguably takes our whole lives to perfect, is to know when to choose, and when to escape, and to be forever-mindful of such decisions.

    We Always Have a Choice

    We always, always, always have a choice! The choice to go out on a particular night, the choice to marry a certain person, the choice of one college over another or one career over another. People often forget that we are in charge of what happens to us, and every choice we make puts our lives in a new direction, no matter how small or wide the turn. We make choices when “escaping,” as well, such as the decision to avoid a commitment or turn down a job. Being mindful means staying aware of our choices, even our “non-choices” and considering the impact they will have on our lives. The more aware of our thoughts we become, the better decisions we make for ourselves and those around us.

    We Don’t Always Need to Escape

    Sure, “escaping it all” is great, even if it’s just a little “me” time with the mind. Everyone needs to escape every now and again—it refreshes the mind and prevents the stagnation that results from engaging in the same routine every day. But escaping is also a path to avoidance—we don’t want to do our jobs anymore, so we quit. We don’t want to deal with one or more people, so we avoid their phone calls and text messages. Escaping in this way prevents us from fully living our lives and taking charge (and responsibility) for our choices. When we escape too much, we are hiding from our lives. The more we hide, the easier it becomes, and the less we own up to our choices.

    Taking Charge

    Changing our minds and therefore our lives starts with taking charge of the thoughts that pass through our heads, and forging ahead with our choices, no matter what they may be. Each choice we make belongs solely to us, and it’s immature to blame our choices on other people or certain influences, such as alcohol. Unless someone is quite literally holding a gun to our heads and making us “perform,” every choice we make belongs to us!

    Don’t escape life—choose to live it on your own terms with the help of mindful practices!

    To learn more about changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me today at A Life to Live.


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