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  • 10:10:48 am on January 14, 2015 | 0

    How Many Hats Do You Wear?

    Most people, arguably mainly women, wear many hats throughout the day. Employee, boss, wife, mother, daughter, community leader….the list can easily go on and on. And while the ability to multi-task and wear multiple “hats” is commendable, the issue of taking on too much is forever sitting on such people’s shoulders. In today’s fast-paced, crazy-hectic world, wearing too many hats is something many fall into.

    So what are the symptoms of wearing “too many hats?” In addition to physical symptoms such as fatigue and even mild illness, too many hats can result in an irritated mind. Constantly thinking about to-do lists, what events are going on that day or night and when to pick the children up from school and activities are merely some examples, and don’t include stressing over when to spend time with a partner or indulge in a little “me” time. Busy schedules leave very little time for the self, and the mind never has a moment to refresh and become clear once more. Unhappiness and even depression may occur to those who refuse to prioritize their “hat collection.”

    Learning to prioritize is the way to alleviate “hat-related stress,” and therefore regain control of the mind. Think about what has to be done every day, and what can be let go. Limit the number of “extracurricular” activities if it’s taking away from precious “me” time and hours spent with friends and family. No one will think less of you for taking time for you and scaling down your crazy work load. Be mindful of what makes you happy and what results in stress and nothing else. Taking time to prioritize means being able to handle everything you have happening on a particular day, and still having time to relax and enjoy yourself upon the day’s end.

    If struggling to prioritize, it helps to think critically about what events, activities and assorted endeavors are enriching your life and the lives of family members, and which are simply resulting in less sleep and less overall time. For example, asking yourself “Do I really need to be treasurer of my child’s PTA, or should I hand the position over to another who has the time and really wants to do it?” is necessary when prioritizing. The more you ask yourself questions of this nature, the easier it will be to prioritize.

    To learn more about changing your mind and therefore changing your life, please contact me at A Life to Live today.


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