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    Your Mind as a Tool Box

    Feeling it’s time you took steps to grow as a person and otherwise improve your life? The best way to build your future mindset is to make room in the mind for new things. Your mind has limited room, with “making room” therefore necessary to enjoy a happy, healthy mindset in the future.

    Letting Go

    Letting go of the past–past hurt, past excuses, past inner conversations, past explanations–is a must if you want to build your future mindset. The mind doesn’t have the room to harbor past pain if you want to move forward, and to hold onto said pain equals stagnation–in your mind and in your life. If you can’t let go of the past, how can you “get on with it”? The past isn’t supposed to function as proverbial chains weighing you down. Constantly dwelling on the past means you aren’t living in the moment, and subsequently aren’t enjoying what’s going on in the here and now.

    The decision to let the past go is a beautiful thing, however it usually takes time and effort to truly do it. Don’t fret, however–the point is to take the time to change your mindset. How long it takes varies by person, so don’t compare yourself to another and what’s going on in his or her life. As the old saying goes, “Comparisons are odious.”

    Your Mind Is a Tool Box

    Think of your mind as a tool box. When examining a tool box (whether it be the one in your mind or an actual tool box), you’ll find some tools aren’t working or otherwise necessary anymore. If this is the case, why keep them? Why hold on to a past memory that just brings pain, either in the form of anger or sadness? Why allow your mind to torment you in this way when you can easily throw out these old “tools”? Don’t force yourself to keep using the same tools that don’t work for you anymore.

    Replacement Tools

    As you’re going through your “toolbox” and considering what you want to throw out, also take the time to think about what you want to replace them with. “Buy” new tools to replace the old ones with, such as replacing a negative thought about your career with a positive one about going for the promotion you want.

    Rid your mind of the thoughts that prevent you from moving ahead with your life–it’s one of the best decisions you can make for yourself!

    For more on changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me today at A Life to Live.


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