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    Train Your Mind to Wait!

    Being impulsive is often a good thing, as it leads to spontaneous excursions and other events/activities that result in great time. However, being impulsive can also put you in proverbial hot water and result in very messy consequences and situations.

    The Downside to Impulsive Words and Actions

    Many negatives unfortunately stem from impulsive words and actions. Blurting out a thought the minute you have it can easily result in hurt feelings, while impulsive actions can sometimes result in leaving others you would normally associate with out. Impulsive words and actions are hurtful because they involve little to no thought, and can potentially leave many feeling badly about themselves and or you.

    Training the Mind to Plan

    The way around the thoughtlessness associated with impulsiveness is to train the mind to plan, ask questions, and listen to inner conversations. The old advice about “counting to 10” before making a decision or saying a few words can work, but most require more than 10 seconds to think critically about something. And that’s okay! The main thing is to be aware of impulsive thoughts and to take a moment to stop and reflect before saying something the minute it enters your head.

    Asking questions in such scenarios is therefore key. For example, asking yourself, “Will this person be offended by this statement?” is rarely a bad thing, nor are questions such as “Am I ignoring the wants of friends and family?” and “What are the potential repercussions of what I’m about to do/say?” While there is such a thing as over-analyzing, it’s still important to ask yourself the right questions and simply take a minute to slow down before making an insensitive comment or doing something rash.

    Those Inner Conversations

    The decision to ask the right questions goes hand in hand with listening closely to inner conversations. Most of the time we know the impulsive decision we’re making isn’t the best, though such thoughts often come too little, too late. That’s why listening intently to our inner conversations in conjunction with asking the right questions is so essential. That inner monologue guides us and serves as our companion throughout life, and always pushes us in the right direction. It’s when we ignore inner conversations that things go badly.

    Writing It Down

    A great method for training yourself to stop before making an impulsive decision is to write it out. This gives you a clear idea of why doing something impulsive is worth it…or not worth it in the slightest. The more you practice this, the more adept you’ll get at slowing down for reflection. Eventually, you won’t have to write anything down anymore!

    For more on changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me at A Life to Live today.


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