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    The Lazy Mind

    Let’s face it: people are always looking for shortcuts. Whether it’s having someone else take over a work project, take out the trash, take the dog for a walk, etc., one thing’s for sure: it doesn’t take long for this kind of behavior to become habit. And once it becomes habit, a “lazy mind” results.

    Waiting Vs. Finding

    The lazy mind is one that waits instead of discovers. A person with a lazy mind waits for people to come into their lives instead of going out and finding them, whether they be new friends, new co-workers, or new romantic partners. Such a person waits for a new job offer rather than taking the proactive approach, and is subsequently complacent about income rather than attempting to obtain a raise. This same person is also content to siphon off of those who generate larger incomes, such as parents or partners.

    The Epitome of Procrastination

    A lazy mindset is essentially the epitome of procrastination, as everything is put off. Everything is a waiting game. Everything is about entitlement rather than working hard. The lazy mind is therefore a sluggish mind, and one that never ventures into unchartered territory.

    Severe Consequences

    Living with a lazy mindset eventually causes stagnation. And while people with a lazy minds may think they’re fine with their current situations, it’s important to remember that complacency isn’t happiness. It isn’t living with a sense of adventure or the urge to discover new things. It isn’t even living with a sense of wanting more, whether professionally, personally, or both.

    The result of the lazy mind is an unexamined life often filled with regret. No one wants to look back at the end of their lives and realize they didn’t do half the things they wanted or were capable of because they were sitting around. The idea that sitting about, waiting for your life to happen is going to work is quite silly, because if nothing changes, guess what? Nothing changes!

    Changing the Mind

    Deciding to change the mindset for the better and take the proactive approach to everything isn’t something that happens overnight, especially if laziness has been the norm for years upon years. Professional help with a mind coach is a good way to get over the first few proverbial humps and put the self on the path to a happier mindset and a more fulfilling life. It takes work every day, but the end result is well worth it!

    For more on changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me today at A Life to Live.


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