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    Feeling Empty?

    Feelings of emptiness occur for a number of reasons. They may result because life lacks a certain number of people or things. The flip side isn’t much different-those with such feelings may have incredibly hectic schedules, but that doesn’t mean they feel any less empty. Why? Because empty feelings stem from having a seeming lack of control over life.

    “Filling” Your Life

    Dealing with emptiness feelings on a daily basis is a path to misery, plain and simple. Longing for something or someone and feeling helpless in terms of obtaining it is certainly enough to sink the mind into a deep depression. Feeling helpless is arguably one of the worst feelings in the world, regardless if it’s because you’re too busy or not busy enough. Life can sometimes seem like a fast-moving train that you’re hanging onto with all your might, and can never get off. That overwhelming feeling is enough to make even the strongest person break down!

    One of the best ways around empty feelings is to fill your life with the right “nouns,” i.e. people, places, and things. This doesn’t mean going out and buying everything in your favorite department store, but it does mean picking and choosing what you believe is best for you and being proactive about it.

    Making a List

    An easy option for helping yourself determine what your life is missing is to quite literally write out a list entitled “What is Missing From My Life Right Now?” Don’t worry about filling in the blanks in the course of a week, rather fill in said blanks at a reasonable pace. This differs by individual, however as long as you’re consistent about it, you’re on the right track to a more fulfilling existence.

    Think about every aspect of your life to help make your list–work, family, personal life, living situation, etc. For example, what do you do for work and how can you get a raise, promotion, switch companies, etc. as needed? If you’re satisfied with your career at the present time, move on to your relationships. Do you wish you had a partner who truly loves and understands you? Take steps to rectify the inequity, such as taking a class, signing up for online dating, or spending more time out and about with friends in hoping of meeting someone.

    Remember, what’s right for you is right for you, so don’t compare your situation to someone else’s! Think long and hard about what you want and be diligent about it–before you know it, that emptiness feeling will subside!

    For more on changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me today at A Life to Live.


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