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    Training the Mind to Let Go and Move On

    Training the mind to let go and move on, whether it be from a person, place, or thing is something many find challenging. It can prove very difficult to let go of someone you love, to let go of anger or hurt over a certain person or event, or anything else that keeps replaying over and over again in the mind. Yet training the mind to let go is one of the best things you can do for your overall mindset, as it allows you to enjoy a happy existence uncumbered by past haunts.

     Changing Perception

    One of the arguably best ways to move on from anything is to change your perception about it. Buddhists believe no one is really trying to hurt you, rather it’s our perception of their actions that we find hurtful. Changing your perception about a situation can therefore prove revolutionary, as it allows you to let go of old thoughts and feelings and move on like you should.


    Another excellent way to train the mind to let go is with distraction. For example, if you begin to dwell on a situation that caused pain, train yourself to instantly think of something else–anything else. A funny saying. A favorite friend or vacation memory. Anything works so long as it’s completely unrelated to what you were just thinking of.

    Distracting yourself with various activities works too, especially if distracting yourself by learning a new skill! Signing up for a class or taking advantage of seemingly-endless YouTube tutorials are merely two examples of distracting yourself in order to move on.

    Self Control

    One of the many beautiful things about training your mind to let go and move on is the extra degree of self control it provides. Rather than allowing your mind to control and subsequently torture you with thoughts of the past, you can enjoy total or at least near-total control over what you think about on a daily basis. It also allows you to react they way you want to react most of the time, as it makes dealing with things in a calm, rational manner that much more achievable.

    Wrapping Up

    Stop holding onto what’s already done and over with! Train your mind to let go and give yourself an incredible gift that’s a companion for life.

    For more on changing your mind and changing your life, please contact me today at A Life to Live.


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